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Litepanels fixtures drastically cut the energy bills for studios of all sizes

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  • Great Quality of Light

    “Light Quality is astounding!” More >>
  • Rapid Return on Investment

    ROI is typically less than 3 years! More >>
  • Reduced Operational Costs

    Reduce Costs by as much as 95% More >>
  • Lower Carbon Footprint

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Litepanels Eco-Smart Broadcast Lighting Division

The Highest Quality of Light coupled with the Lowest total cost of ownership.

Broadcast Lighting Overview

Have you really looked at the actual cost of operating your conventionally lit studio? Chances are, it’s a lot more than you may think. Energy-efficient Litepanels can help you achieve substantial savings on your monthly energy bills because with Litepanels, far less energy is required to run the lights and far less energy is required to cool the studio. In addition to saving money, you'll be helping to save the environment by emitting less C02 into the environment - Up to 200,000 lbs. ( 90,718kg) lower annual lower carbon footprint for a studio.

Have you REALLY looked at the operating costs
of your legacy studio lighting?

Environmental and Economic ROI payback:

1) Reduced energy bills via running energy efficient Litepanels as compared to conventional lighting.

2) Reduced air conditioning energy bills via cool-running Litepanels as compared to conventional lighting.

3) Reduced annual maintenance expenses (e.g., no need for replacement bulbs) with Litepanels long-life LED fixtures.

4) Reduced annual labor (Litepanels needs virtually no maintenance)

5) Reduced carbon footprint.

Buliding a New Studio? Retrofitting an existing Studio?

• Litepanels produce a Great “Quality of Light”

• Save up to 95% on Energy Costs

• No need to install/run additional air conditioning for lighting (substantial savings $$)

• No need to install dimmer racks or high amperage power distribution systems for new studio lighting systems

• Rapid Return-on-Investment (e.g., typically a sub 3-year ROI)

• Substantially reduced Carbon Footprint

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