Litepanels Sola 6C now available

Get Your Hands on the New and Improved Version of the Sola 6

The Sola 6C is an upgraded version of the ever-popular Sola 6, giving you the performance of a traditional Fresnel with all the energy efficiencies and cost savings of LED technology. The LEDs also give you better color and greater output.

These LED Fresnels share the same single shadow properties that are inherent in traditional Fresnels and are part of a complete range of LED Fresnels from Litepanels.

With no external ballast and only a short restrike period needed, they’re as perfect for the rapid pace of episodic television and broadcast studios as they are for motion picture productions.

Cost-Effective Features mean Excellent Return on Investment

These energy efficient fixtures draw a mere 104 watts of electricity and generate only a small amount of heat, allowing for greatly reduced HVAC costs.

With low power draw and great output comes the benefit that these can be powered via professional camera batteries for mobile lighting set ups.

An integrated DMX module offers unprecedented control by allowing not only remote dimming, which eliminates the need for expensive dimmers and a climate controlled dimmer room, but also remote focus control, which makes cumbersome ladders a thing of the past when it comes to adjusting focus.

The proprietary DMX module works with readily available and affordable RJ45 Ethernet connections via any standard DMX512 protocol device.

Powerful Output Ideal for Broadcast and Production Applications

The high quality, full spectrum light produced by Litepanels’ patented LEDs is visually accurate and powerful.

The high CRI/TLCI LEDs in the versatile Sola 6C are optimized for lighting talent – they provide the traditional, cool illumination that many lighting directors prefer, without the heat generation of a traditional fixture.

The color temperature of the Sola 6C is designed to match existing daylight balanced Fresnel fixtures, so that it can be easily installed for side-by-side use, either in the studio or on location.

Here are just some of the Technical Advantages of the Sola 6C:

  • Custom 6” Fresnel lens produces full spectrum, collimated illumination that can be cut and shaped.
  • Proprietary integrated DMX module allows for both remote dimming and remote focusing.
  • Ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0, with no noticeable color shift throughout the entire range.
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle.
  • Robust, lightweight composite housing and Standard Yoke with unique Jr pin/Baby pin combination Pin enable easy mounting and positioning.
  • Incredibly energy efficient, these fixtures draw only 104W but comparable to a 200W HMI.
  • Low power consumption, reduced HVAC requirements, and no associated bulb replacement costs contribute to a return on your investment (ROI) in less than three years for typical studio applications.

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