Lighting for Mood with the Litepanels Gemini


Produced by B&H

In this video, cinematographer Mark Raker uses three Litepanels Gemini lights to create diverse scenes with varying moods. Gemini’s Lighting Effects Mode, included with the latest firmware update, enables you to create virtually any color palette and effects such as TV simulation, hue burst, paparazzi, strobe, fire, squares, fireworks, emergency lights, pulse and party lights, and more.​


A huge thank you to B&H, one of our premier partners for producing this video showcasing the illustrious Litepanels Gemini.

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Litepanels Puts the Shine on Starwest Studios

Litepanels Puts the Shine on Starwest Studios

Since we’re using such a wide range of Litepanels lights throughout the Starwest facility, the Litepanels team uses us as a valuable resource for demonstrating the full gamut of their products to potential customers.

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