Check Out Manfrotto’s Brilliant Range of LED Lights, Powered by Litepanels

Litepanels and Manfrotto have launched a new line of on-camera and half-panel LED lights, branded “Manfrotto, Powered by Litepanels.” This new generation of lights combines the latest in Litepanels’ cutting-edge LED technology with the aesthetic and innovative design that Manfrotto is famous for worldwide.

There are 5 products that make up the product line, forming a complete range of lighting solutions for both photographic and video professionals alike.

The Lykos Bi-Color and Daylight products are the flagship products of the series, built around an ergonomic shape that allows users to operate the unit with just one hand. Epitomizing the potential of what can be achieved, the lights are as bright as the legacy Litepanels 1x1 and half the size, making them incredibly easy to travel with.

The Croma 2 is a bi-color light that takes the potential of the original Croma and doubles the output, achieving twice the brightness of the original using Sony L-Series batteries.

The Micropro 2 is a daylight LED solution that also manages to achieve twice the brightness of the original Micropro whilst powered by a Sony L-Series battery.

The Spectra 2 doubles the performance and brightness of its predecessor, making it a fantastic value for photo and video professionals seeking an efficient, portable lighting solution.

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