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NAB 2012 Videos Featuring Litepanels LED Lighting Products

NAB 2012 - Litepanels Sola ENG

Sound & Picture

Litepanels’ Pat Grosswendt introduces viewers to the on-camera, daylight balanced Sola ENG. The Sola ENG is an LED Fresnel and is available in a 3-light kit with lights, power supplies, stands, soft box and gels.

NAB 2012 – Litepanels Inca Series Tungsten LED Fresnels

Sound & Picture

The next stop on the Litepanels NAB 2012 booth tour with Pat Grosswendt is the Inca Series where he discusses the features and benefits of the Inca 6 (6” Fresnel) and Inca 4 (4” Fresnel) tungsten LED fixtures for broadcast studios or field operation using batteries.

NAB 2012 - Litepanels Luma

Sound & Picture

Pat Grosswendt continues his Litepanels product introductions with the new Luma on-camera, daylight balanced LED fixture. The Luma offers a high output in a small size.

NAB 2012 - Litepanels Hilio

Sound & Picture

Litepanels’ Pat Grosswendt gives an overview of the Litepanels Hilio, a high-output LED fixture suited for all productions.

NAB 2012: Litepanels

Matt Allard of DSLR News Shooter

DSLR News Shooter’s Technical Editor Matt Allard talks to Pat Grosswendt of Litepanels about their newest LED lighting kits, including the Croma and Sola ENG.
Video shot and edited by Scott Karlins
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Litepanels’ Toby Sali gives an overview of Litepanels LED lighting fixtures and lighting kits, including the high-output Hilio and the LED Fresnel Family including Sola (daylight balanced) and Inca (tungsten balanced) fixtures.

The NAB Show: Litepanels

Mike from Thesubstream

Mike's coverage of the NAB Show in Las Vegas NV continues with this handy little demo of Litepanels (including a quick peek at Litepanels' new INCA lights which are basically tungsten balanced Fresnel- style studio lamps except they use LED technology and you can grab them with your bare hands - awesome!).

NAB 2012: doddleTALKS Litepanels

Scott McKinlay from Doddle

NAB 2012 may be over but doddle continues on with their extensive product reviews. This time around we speak with Litepanels President Rudy Pohlert as he catches us up with all the latest from Litepanels.

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NAB 2012 Highlight – Litepanels Sola & Inca LED Fresnels

A&S Broadcast in Hong Kong

A quick look at Litepanels’ new LED Fresnel fixture lines, the Sola Series (daylight balanced) and the Inca Series (tungsten balanced). Both the Sola and Inca lights are ideal for installation in broadcast studios or for use on locations via batteries.

NAB 2012 Highlight - Litepanels Croma and Luma

A&S Broadcast in Hong Kong

Litepanels displayed their new on-camera LED lighting fixtures Croma (variable color temperature) and Luma (high-output daylight) at NAB 2012.