Firmware Updates


Released November 21, 2019

The latest firmware update for Gemini 2x1 expands your creative control with an extended color temperature selection, a massive library of popular gel colors along with more extensive DMX and wireless control and many other refinements.



Wide CCT Range

Setting the right mood for your scene is now even easier. With an increased CCT range from 2,700 – 10,000K and full plus/minus green control, the perfect soft white light to match your scene is just the touch of a button away.

Expanded Digital Gel Library

Gemini’s digital gel library now includes cinematography’s top 300 most-used gels. Each gel can be used with a daylight or tungsten foundation, meaning 600 popular gel colors are instantly available.

RDM Control

In addition to the expanded DMX features, new RDM functionality allows bi-directional communication between Gemini 2x1 and DMX boards, giving you even greater levels of configuration, control and interaction.

More DMX Control

Building on Gemini 2x1’s extensive DMX features, new preset DMX modes for CCT/RGB and CCT/HSI control enable quick and easy configuration of common cine DMX setups. Additionally, major DMX board manufacturers now provide custom profiles for the Gemini 2x1, allowing true plug-and-play functionality.

Enhanced Bluetooth

With more wireless devices filling the air around lighting fixtures, stability is critical. Firmware C1 improves Bluetooth connectivity for perfect responsiveness when you need it.



IMPORTANT: This process must be completed using a USB drive that is formatted to FAT.
HINT: For instructions on formatting a USB drive to FAT on a MAC click here.

  1. Download the .zip file to your PC or MAC.
  2. Unzip the file and locate the .hex file inside the unzipped folder.
  3. Insert a USB drive into your computer and format as FAT or FAT16
  4. Copy the .hex file onto the freshly formatted USB drive
  5. Eject the USB drive from your computer
  6. Power on the Gemini, then insert the USB drive
  7. Push the “Menu” button, select “System” then select “USB” then select “Firmware update”
  8. Follow the screen prompts to complete the update

The LED indicator light next to the power switch will momentarily turn yellow, then alternate between red and green, then the Gemini will power up.

The update should take less than a minute.


If firmware does not update (indicator light does not alternate red and green), the following may help:

  • Use a freshly formatted (MS-DOS FAT) USB drive.
  • Format the drive with a PC or by using the Disk Utility application on a Mac.
  • Do not plug a newly FAT formatted USB drive back into a MAC before installing the update on a Gemini.
  • Download the firmware hex file to the USB drive and have only that file on the drive.


You can always revert back to a previous version of firmware. Simply download a previous firmware file from these archives and follow the typical install instructions.

Download firmware version B3 from this link: DOWNLOAD B3 FIRMWARE


See how it's done here: