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The Journey is the Reward

Just me, a camera and a light. Journeyman and storyteller, Tanner Shinnick takes us to church.


Done in sixty seconds

Gemini scores when time and portability are of the essence.

James-Stolz_Barrel-Race_Gemini-1x1_DSC06450 (1).jpg

Light up the Run

Bringing the red, white and blue to an all-American action short.

TGW - Frame Grab 1.jpg

Bringing Light to the Darkness

To create a visual mood that would match the tone of Mino’s story, Karl turned to Litepanels’ Astra LED panels.

Alan Stockdale LitByLiteapanels.jpg

Flicker-free filming

Litepanels LEDs and Anton/Bauer Dionic XT batteries drive creative vision for Foundlight’s Schneider MOVE Series.

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