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Mark Raker

Mark Raker

MARK RAKER is a cinematographer who has been creating award-winning film and television programs, and national television spots since the 1980’s, including Peabody Award winning “A Letter to Elia” directed by Martin Scorsese and Kent Jones, Red Envelope’s “An Unreasonable Man”, Emmy Award winning “Moment of Impact”, and Rose d’Or winning “Michael Moore’s The Awful Truth”.

Lighting in filmmaking is central to the creation of the mood. Without the right mood it is impossible to create the authenticity needed to resonate with people. Litepanels Gemini is a one-stop shop for creating diverse scenes with whatever mood is needed.

This stunning video from our friends at B&H shows the incredible flexibility of Gemini.

Cinematographer Mark Raker put Gemini’s Lighting Effects Mode through its paces to demonstrate how you can create virtually any colour palette or effect with the turn of a dial. Among the effects he looks at are TV simulation, hue burst, paparazzi, strobe, fire, squares, fireworks, emergency lights, pulse and party lights.

Mark raker using light for mood
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