The latest Gemini firmware version is B3

To check the firmware version on your Gemini press MENU, go to SETTINGS, down to SYSTEM and then to SYSTEM INFO.

The first line is firmware file name, the last 2 characters are the version eg: CK1RUSB3

What's new in B3?

  • Includes all features introduced with firmware B1
  • New Sodium Vapor Gels
  • New fan control mode (Delayed fan or silent mode)
  • Fixes an issue that occasionally causes the menu to display erratically.

Added 9 Gels:

Additional Fan modes have been added:

  • RE213- White Flame Green
  • R730- Liberty Green
  • R3150- Industrial Vapor
  • R3152- Urban Vapor
  • L650- Industry Sodium
  • L651- Hi Sodium
  • L652- Urban Sodium
  • L653- LO Sodium
  • L740- Aurora Borealis Green
  • Fan Auto Mode (same as before)
  • Fan Off Mode (same as before
  • Fan DMX Mode (same as before)
  • Fan Max Mode (Fan runs at Max Speed)
  • Fan Delayed Mode (Fan turns on above 73 deg Temperature  (View temperature with the System Monitor Screen)

“Silent” use of the Gemini with power up to 100% can be obtained by switching to Delayed Fan while filming and Max Co



  1. Download the firmware onto a freshly formatted USB drive.
  2. Power on the Gemini then insert the USB drive, then push the “Menu” button.
  3. Select “System” then select “USB” then select “Firmware update”.
  4. Follow the screen prompts to complete the update.

The LED indicator light next to the power switch will momentarily turn yellow, then alternate between red and green, then the Gemini will power up.

The update should take less than a minute.

If firmware does not update (indicator light does not alternate red and green), the following may help:

  • Use a freshly formatted (Windows FAT16 or FAT32) USB drive.

  • Format the drive with a PC not a Mac.

  • Download the firmware hex file to the USB drive and have only that file on the drive.