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All-Weather Performance

The industry’s best-selling Bi-Color LED panel has evolved.

Astra IP is tough and water-resistant, delivering intense output in lightweight 1×1, half-size and 2×1 fixtures with fast set up for high-performance broadcast lighting in demanding environments.

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From the studio to the street, Astra IP always performs.

Ready for Action.

Rated IP65, Astra IP defies rain, dust, or snow, for seamless operation, whatever the weather. Built tough with an integrated power supply, and optional Gold Mount, V-Mount and BP-U battery plates, Astra IP is the fast fixture that never backs down in any conditions.

3 Years


Key Features

Go Anywhere, Light Anything


Built Tough

IP65-rated Bi-Color panel with 3-year warranty.

Powerful Performance

High-output, intense beam.

True to Life

Accurate color, with no shift at any intensity.

Control with Confidence

Dual-dial system with LCD screen information.

Quick Setup

Lightweight, designed for mounted or handheld operation.

Off-Grid Ready

Optional weatherproof battery brackets.

Control Options

Integrated Bluetooth for app control. Optional Astra IP DMX module.


Diffusion panel included with optional accessories.



Astra IP offers an extensive selection of accessories, featuring Diffusers, Light Shaping Tools, Battery Plates, Cases, and Communication Modules.

Which Astra IP product should I replace my existing Astra product with?

Which accessories are compatible?

Astra IP retains the key features of the Astra range but is a fundamental redesign of the product. While a small number of
accessories are still compatible, some accessories will need additional adaptor plates and other accessories simply won’t work. A table outlining compatibility can be found here.

Will you be providing an equivalent range of accessories for Astra IP?

Can I still use the same batteries to power Astra IP?

Why does Astra IP have a 30-degree beam angle?

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