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Cinematic Storytelling

Livestream Series

Garrett Sammons

Garrett Sammons

Garrett is the Creative Director at Nice Shirt Media and part-time film professor. With a primary focus on commercial cinematography, he also creates narrative and documentary films.

Behind that look

“Cinematic Storytelling” is a new livestream series hosted by Garrett Sammons, a Creative Director, Filmmaker, and Educator. The series delves into the art of lighting and cinematography in filmmaking and how they work together to create professional-looking films. Garrett will demonstrate the techniques and thought processes behind each setup and how he uses lighting and cinematography to shape the visual storytelling of a short scene.

This series is perfect for aspiring filmmakers, lighting professionals, and anyone interested in the art and craft of filmmaking.

Catch up on previous episodes

Cinematic Lighting Inspired by 'Euphoria'

In this Holliday special livestream, we explored everything from intense color palettes to dynamic camera work. Join us as we break down the key elements that define Euphoria’s visual language and show you how to infuse this style into your own work.

Cinematic Suspense: The 'Stranger Things' Look.

In this Halloween special livestream, we brought the supernatural wonders of ‘Stranger Things’ to life, breaking down the techniques and tools used to create three iconic scenes. We reverse engineered the lighting, providing you with practical steps to replicate these effects in your own projects.

On-Location Filmmaking: Lighting Techniques & Challenges

In this episode, we discussed the art of on-location filmmaking and the challenges of lighting in real-world environments. Whether you’re shooting in a bustling city or a remote wilderness, on-location filming presents unique challenges for filmmakers, including planning, permits, budgets and power on-the-go.

Visual Storytelling through Camera Movement

In this episode, we’ll delve into how lighting and camera movement can be used to tell a story. From tracking shots and crane shots to dolly shots and handheld cameras, we’ll cover a range of techniques and tools you can use to create visual interest and engage your audience.

Using AI in Filmmaking

In this episode, we’ll delve into the world of AI and explore how it’s being used in the film industry. From automating mundane tasks to generating content, we’ll cover the different applications of AI in filmmaking and how it’s changing the way we create and consume media.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, producer, or enthusiast, this episode will give you a glimpse into the future of film and how AI is shaping the industry.

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