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Gemini Series


Exceptional light – Endless creativity.

Unleash your creative vision and bring high-quality cinematic lighting to your set with the compact and lightweight Gemini RGBWW LED Panel range. Control light precisely from natural white light to fully saturated RGBWW output in an instant; Gemini delivers the ultimate flexibility you need for endless creative lighting options all in one unique fixture. Whether in the studio or out on location, you’ll find a perfect lighting solution in the Gemini range.

Gemini 1x1 Soft
Gemini 1X1 Soft logo

Creative & compact cinematic lighting.
Lux at 10ft/3m: 614 (Daylight), 557 (Tungsten)

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Gemini 1x1 Hard
Gemini 1X1 Hard logo

The most powerful 1×1 RGBWW LED Panel.
Lux at 10ft/3m: 3023 (Daylight), 2455 (Tungsten)

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Gemini 2x1 Soft
Gemini 2X1 Soft logo

Cinematic soft lighting
Lux at 10ft/3m: 1079 (Daylight), 906 (Tungsten)

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Gemini 1x1 Hard
Gemini 2X1 Hard logo

The brightest – The lightest
Lux at 10ft/3m: 23,000 (Daylight), 20,000 (Tungsten)

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