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Gemini 2×1 Hard

The Brightest – The Lightest

One panel. 23,000 lux.

Brighter than any other 2×1 panel, yet lighter than its peers, Gemini 2×1 Hard is a beautiful paradox delivering up to 23,000 lux of glorious high quality cinematic lighting in a lightweight agile fixture.

Gemini 2×1 Hard can deliver a powerful 20° beam of accurate hard white light, or seamlessly switch to a beautiful soft 100° wash, and at the touch of a button, unleash a world of creativity with full RGBWW output and special effects. With dual or quad mounting options to bank fixtures together creating up to four times the volume of intense light, Gemini 2×1 Hard is the ultimate production light.

Gemini 2X1 Hard

Dancing solo

An epic routine lit entirely by Gemini 2×1 Hard.

Almighty output

23,000 lux of raw output at 10ft/3m from a 500W panel creates a new world of options. Control and modify without compromising on source. Gemini 2×1 Hard shifts from an intense 20° beam to a soft wrap-around light with diffusers included in the box, and still offers scope for many more layers.

Gemini 2X1 Hard LED panels lighting a performance
Gemini 2X1 Hard LED panels lighting the stage

Exquisite accuracy

Beautiful light quality and glorious true color reproduction combine. With no color shift or flicker at any framerate, shutter angle, or at any intensity from 100-0.1%, everything in the scene is illuminated by naturally beautiful light that renders color and skin tones perfectly.

Outstanding agility

Lighter than any comparable 2×1 panel and with no separate ballast, the Gemini 2×1 Hard stands apart as a lightweight weighing in at just 25.3lbs (11.5kg). Integrated DMX and CRMX speed up control, with lighting modes that offer pinpoint color manipulation. Gemini is faster and safer to rig, and ready for action in any location.

Gemini Hard 2x1 mounted on drone
Gemini Hard 2x1

Industrial strength

Gemini 2×1 Hard will work first time, every time for years to come. Tough enough to stand up to demanding set life, Gemini is manufactured to industrial standards using durable, robust materials.

Photometrics & Color Data

Highly accurate correlated color temperature control across the full spectrum from a warm 2,700K to a cool 10,000K with full plus minus green/magenta fine tuning.


At 23,000 lux @10ft/3m, the output of the Gemini 2×1 Hard is unparalleled.

Gemini 2×1 Hard – 10ft/3m (Daylight)

23000 Lux

Gemini 1×1 Hard – 10ft/3m (Daylight)

3000 Lux

Astra 6X – 10ft/3m (Daylight)

1653 Lux

Gemini 2X1 Hard lighting up a pitch black set

I was very impressed when I first tested the new Gemini 2x1 Hard RGBWW. No other 2x1 panel on the planet has this much punch. Combined with its light weight and intense colour saturation means I have a fixture that I can use in any situation. As a hands on DP, to have that much flexibility to shape and soften a hard source is invaluable. It will prove very popular with gaffers and DPs on all different types of productions

Sudeep Chatterjee, DP

The first time I took the Gemini 1x1 Hard out of the box, i knew it was made for the news business. The output is amazing and the unit is incredibly robust. There is no doubt in my mind that it will stand the test of time in a fast moving news environment.

Carlos Cortes, DoP

Finally a panel that can throw a punch. Simple, Small, Powerful. HARD not to like

Nuno Rodrigues, Gaffer

Technical Data

Beam angle (no diffuser) 20°
Beam angle with Domed Diffuser >100°
Optics 20° custom TIR lens
CCT Range 2,700-10,000K
Daylight (5600K) (Lux @10ft/3m) 23.000 (No diff) / 2.800 (Domed diff)
Tungsten (3200K) (Lux @10ft/3m) 20.000 (No diff) / 2.300 (Domed diff)
RED (Lux @10ft/3m) 2.700 (No diff)
GREEN (Lux @10ft/3m) 11.800 (No diff)
BLUE (Lux @10ft/3m) 1.300 (No diff)
TLCI (average) 97
CRI (average) 95
+/- Green-Magenta Adjustment Continuously Variable
Included Diffusion Ultra Light (900-3653) / Domed (900-3649))
Lighting Control Modes RGBWW/CCT/HSI/xy/Gel/FX single dial with LCD menu control
Number of Gels 300
Number of Effects 11
Dimming Control Constant Current 0-100% Continuous
Remote Control Options Integrated: DMX, RDM, CRMX. Optional dongle: Bluetooth
Fan Control Yes
USB Updates Yes
Ambient Temp Operation -4° to 113° F / – 20° to + 45° C
Estimated LED lifetime 35,000+ hrs
Preset Options 6x preset CCT modes with quick select buttons, 6x customisable user presets with quick select buttons
Versions manual, pole operated
Weight – Regular Yoke 25.3 lbs / 11.5 kg
Weight – Pole Operated Yoke 32 lbs / 14.5 kg
Height 112“/ 320 mm
Width 25“/ 634 mm
Depth 6.9“ / 176 mm
Mounting method Junior Pin (removable)
Nominal power draw 500W
Power supply Internal
Mains Input PowerCON True 1, 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
IP Rating IP20

Product Overview

Gemini 2×1 Hard delivers the brightest and most accurate 2×1 light ever. Available with standard or pole-operated yoke.

Create, shape and modify

Creativity is unbound with the wide range of Gemini accessories delivering multiple ways to shape and modify light.  Softboxes, grids, barndoors and more fit simply and quickly to Gemini fixtures for endless lighting control options.

Gemini 2X1 Hard banner

Frequently asked questions

Why has the Gemini 2x1 Hard got a 20° beam angle?

The Gemini 2×1 Hard LEDs are lensed to a tighter beam angle than the 2×1 Soft to push all available light forward and concentrate the light into a smaller area. 20° creates an intense beam of light with an output that can counter high bright ambient light, such as bright sunshine. It also creates a wide range of lighting possibilities by giving the end user more initial light to control as they need. Adding the Domed Diffuser will create a beautifully soft light with a wide beam angle for added wrap around subjects or consistent ambient lighting across an area, but still outputs a huge volume of light that far exceeds any other 2×1 soft light on the market.

Is the Gemini 2x1 Hard a true Hard light?

Gemini 2×1 Hard uses non-diffused, lensed LEDs to cast an intense beam of light further than any other 2×1 RGBWW panel. Because it uses multiple LEDs over a larger surface area, it will cast a different, slightly softer shadow to a single source light such as an HMI. However, its output is greater than a 575W HMI and this allows it to be used in a similar way to many hard lights that are diffused, plus it has the added benefit of being useable on talent even without diffusion where necessary.

What diffusers come with the Gemini 2x1 Hard?

The Gemini 2×1 Hard comes with an Ultra Light Diffuser and a Domed Diffuser.

The Ultra Light Diffuser clips into the front face of the panel and offers a low level of diffusion that widens the beam to around 100°, similar to common soft panels.

The Domed Diffuser slides separately into the accessory rails (so both diffusers can be used at the same time) and is set around 9cm/3.5” from the LEDs. This softens the beam even further, homogenising the light across the front face to create a consistent ambient light. The Domed Diffuser is designed to allow some light to pass through the sides of the diffuser, widening the beam angle above 100°, to create a light that effortlessly wraps around the subject and creates a single, soft shadow.

Super Ultra-Light, Medium and Heavy clip-in diffusers are also available if required.

Is it possible to use battery power?

Gemini 2×1 Hard has a maximum nominal power draw of 500W, with a battery voltage range of 26-33 VDC. Anton/Bauer VCLX block batteries can be used to power the panel at up to 85% output for over an hour. We also recommend two Anton/Bauer 26V 240Wh batteries using the 26V Gold Mount Plus Dual Mounting Plate [8075-0255], which can be used to power the panel at up to 85% for over 30minutes.

How can I get more output?

Who doesn’t want more? The answer to this is the dual or quad array. Stacking panels together increases the volume of light proportionally.

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