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Professional lighting on the fly

Professional lighting on the fly

Broadcast quality lighting wherever you need it.

The Industry Workhorse

Fast to set up, fits anywhere. The lightweight, compact Lykos⁺ Bi-color LED panel is one of the smallest in the Litepanels range but delivers an impressive 2000 lux (@3ft/1m) of accurate white light at any color temperature from 3200-5600K in an instant.

  • Light anywhere – Lightweight, slim design with a handle
  • Over 2,000 lux at 3ft/1m at 5600K
  • Astra LED and Lens technology for ultimate optical efficiency
  • TLCI / CRI 96 color accuracy
  • Precision color temperature and brightness dials at your fingertips
  • 100-0% flicker-free adjustable brightness
  • L-Series battery mount
lykos+ front and back

Go everywhere – fit anywhere

Expand your creative options with a brighter mini panel. Weighing in at just 1lb (0.5kg), adding quality white light to your set has never been easier. Lykos⁺ is the perfect light for remote locations or tight spaces, its compact size fits into any scene and with over two hours of battery operation it won’t leave you in the dark. With robust flight-kits including, lights, stands and flight case, your Lykos⁺ lighting can go anywhere you need it.

Full-spectrum white light from
3,200K to 5,600K CCT

Setting the right mood for your scene. With an CCT range from 3,200 – 5,600K, the perfect soft white light to match your scene is just the twist of a dial away.

Daylight Photometrics

Tungsten Photometrics

Lykos+ on set

Setup in seconds

Hand-held, stand mounted, taped, or tied, Lykos⁺ is ready to light your scene in an instant. With multiple mounting options and a chunky hand grip, Lykos⁺ is always perfectly positioned and with brightness and color temperature controlled by two simple dials, or via iOS app with the optional Bluetooth dongle, light output is always on point.

Brighter light, perfect white

Your subject will always be in their best light. With an outstanding CRI of 96, Lykos⁺ delivers 2,000 lux (@3ft/1m) of ultra-bright, energy-efficient, and consistently color accurate white light. Powerful Astra technology LEDs and lensing create broadcast quality flicker-free lighting in compact form. Dial in the perfect CCT for your scene from 3200 – 5600 with no color variation when dimming from 100% to 0%

Lykos+ on set to light profile
Lykos+ in case

Rugged and Reliable

Rugged and strong to provide reliable lighting support even on the toughest assignments, Lykos⁺ is built to broadcast quality standards. With tough Peli case kits for safe transport, support from authorised service centers around the world and multiple power options including onboard L-Series batteries and P-Tap, Lykos⁺ won’t let you down in the field.

Available Flight Kits
Litepanels SmartLite Director app

Take Control

Creative control is quick and easy from the onboard control panel, whether you’re on set or on location. With the optional Bluetooth Dongle it is possible to connect Lykos to your iPhone or iPad and control multiple Lykos units with Litepanels SmartLite Director iOS app for a world of light, effects and color at your fingertips.

Litepanels SmartLite Director app

Next generation smart lighting control. The SmartLite Director app allows intuitive adjustment of the color and intensity of multiple connected Litepanels lights. Use the camera on an iPad or iPhone to quickly evaluate the ambient light in a scene and match the color temperature for dynamic setups.

Product Overview

Lykos⁺ is available as a single unit as well as a 3-light kit, with or without mobile power solution.

Frequently asked questions

How does Lykos⁺ compare to the original Lykos fixture?

Lykos+ uses the same chassis as Lykos but achieves over 40% more output. While the original Lykos included TIR lens technology, Lykos+ also includes Astra LEDs, employing the complete Astra LED design to maximise lumens per Watt. The optional DoP choice softbox has also been made stronger, larger, and easier to fit. Not only does this save time during setup, the softbox creates a large, sturdy source of light that produces soft, uniform shadows and is ideal for use on talent.

Is Lykos⁺ the same as the Manfrotto Lykos 2.0?

No. Lykos began as a joint project with Manfrotto. In this latest development each brand has taken the original design and optimised the features for its customers. At Litepanels we have taken this opportunity to align the LED technology in the Lykos⁺ with our best-selling Astra range.

What accessories are included with Lykos⁺?

Lykos⁺ includes a diffusion gel for combining all the individual LEDs into a single source of light, removing any cross-hatching or multiple shadows.

Can Lykos⁺ be controlled remotely?

Yes. An optional Bluetooth Dongle is available that allows you to connect Lykos⁺ to your iPhone or iPad and control multiple units with the Litepanels SmartLite Director iOS app.

How can I power Lykos⁺?

There are multiple ways to power Lykos⁺ when there is no mains electricity to use the included AC adapters. Lykos⁺ includes an L-Series battery mount. This is a Sony battery format, and we recommend the Anton/Bauer 7.2V NPF version. 3-light kits including the Anton/Bauer battery are available. Lykos⁺ can also be powered via a D-Tap cable, which is available as an optional accessory and will power from any compatible larger battery. For powering multiple Lykos⁺ from one battery, we recommend the optional QRC battery mount. This will clamp onto a stand and provide up to 3 D-Tap outlets.

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