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The Power Of Color In Lighting

Ollie Kenchington

Ollie Kenchington

Ollie set up Korro Films, his award-winning film production agency, in 2008. Korro produces exceptional brand films, commercials and documentaries for leading global organisations. Whether he is shooting, editing or grading, Ollie is a scrupulous filmmaker, with an eye for perfection.

Over the past thirteen years, Ollie has also built up a reputation as a highly qualified and respected digital imaging specialist and post-production trainer. As lead tutor and founder of Korro Academy, Ollie has taught thousands of aspiring filmmakers as an Apple Certified Master Trainer, Adobe Certified Instructor, Blackmagic Certified Trainer and MZed educator. Ollie’s international standing as an expert in his field has also led to him being engaged directly by companies like Facebook, Google, DJI, RED, Canon, Sony, Eizo, CineD, Redshark News, Newsshooter, 4K Shooters, FilmConvert, RØDE, X-Rite, Litepanels, YouTube Space: London, CVP, ProAV, Wex Photo Video and many more.

Achieve either neutral or colour-biased lighting on set with Gemini

In this short educational series, we will be looking at some core concepts around controlling and capturing light in digital cinematography. During four sessions Ollie will draw upon his professional work with high profile brands to share his methods for designing on-set lighting, that either achieve color harmony, color contrast or complete neutrality, specifically focusing on his experience using Litepanels’ Gemini. He will also explore the purposes of using particular lighting techniques, whether it’s to create depth, create clarity, or faithfully represent a client’s product on screen.

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Written by Ollie Kenchington

The Power Of Color In Lighting E-Book
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