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White Light LED Panels

The Industry Workhorse

With over 70,000 units sold – and counting – lighting up newsrooms, studios and locations around the world, Astra is the industry workhorse trusted to deliver exceptional and consistently high-quality white light in a lightweight, tough and dependable fixture.

Light enough to hand hold and compact enough to fit into tight spaces, the versatility of Astra makes it the number one choice for DoPs, lighting camera operators and studio lighting designers everywhere.

Reporter being lit by Astra

Brighter lighting ready for action

The powerful Astra 6X delivers over 1,500 lux of quality daylight at 10ft/3m, producing enough light to use light shaping tools or modifiers without compromising on output. But when time is tight Astra is flattering enough to use straight out of the case without any accessories, so you can set up fast, compete with the midday sun and still show your talent in their best light.

Dependable accuracy for true life color

Render skin tones perfectly with true to life color reproduction. With a CRI rating of 97 and TLCI of 98, Astra’s beautiful white light delivers outstanding color accuracy. And, with no color shift at any dimming level from 100-0.1% you can depend on Astra to deliver consistently reliable high-quality light all day.

Studio presenter in studio
Astra being used on talk show set

Lightweight and set in an instant

Quality light wherever you need it without delay. Astra is easy to transport and quick to rig or reposition. Weighing in at just 7lb (3.2kg) Astra can be boomed overhead and even hand held for studio-level lighting on the go. The yoke-mounted power supply is always in position so Astra is perfectly balanced and ready for you operate with efficiency and save time on set.

Battery power for quality lighting anywhere

For maximum flexibility to take high output lighting anywhere, Astra delivers full intensity with battery power. Run Astra at 100% for over two hours from a single battery with optional V-Mount or Gold-Mount battery plates to perfectly place your lighting and shoot for longer.

Astra settings being quizzed

Simple control at your fingertips

Instant access intuitive control. Simple dials with no complicated menus make quick intensity and CCT adjustments easy. Take control of Astra with wired DMX options or go wireless with WiFi and Bluetooth modules and be free to use Litepanels smart iOS app for precision control at a distance.

Flicker free output at any level

Make fixing flicker a thing of the past.   Astra’s advanced LED control creates seriously stable and flicker free light at any shutter angle, frame rate or at any intensity level from 100 – 0.1%.

Remote Control

Take control of Astra in the studio or on location with wired RJ45 and XLR5 DMX options or go wireless with WiFi and Bluetooth options as well as Litepanels smart iOS apps for precision control at your fingertips.

Tough & durable industry workhorse

Built stronger to last longer, Astra is manufactured using durable, robust materials to withstand demanding professional use. Trusted by broadcast news crews for years, you can rely on Astra to work first time, every time to the same standard for a lifetime.

Create, shape and modify

Creativity is unbound with the wide range of Astra accessories delivering multiple ways to shape and modify light.  Softboxes, grids, barndoors and more fit simply and quickly to Astra fixtures for endless lighting control options.

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