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Firmware Updates

Download the latest firmware for your Gemini LED Panel and enjoy the latest features and performance improvements.

Gemini Series RGBWW LED Panel Firmware E3 Download

E3 Released October 12, 2023.

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Gemini LED Panel UI

Also introduced in Gemini E-Series firmware:

  • New menu structure – simpler navigation and easier reference
  • Color blend in manual mode – blend CCT + HSI and CCT + RGBW without a DMX console
  • Lock-out mode – avoid accidents by locking controls once set
  • DMX hold options – select action if DMX is disconnected: hold fixture settings, dim to off, or turn off
  • HSIC mode – control the color temperature of the white point
  • Gemini 2×1 Soft power boost mode – up to 30% output increase between 3,500-5,000K (15% at 5,600K)

…and much more.

Latest Gemini Firmware Updates

Join our product manager, Michael Herbert as he walks you through what’s included in our E firmware update.

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