Apollo Bridge

Wireless DMX System


Complete wireless DMX control in an instant

When time and resources are short, Apollo delivers fast and stable wireless DMX control, configured and running in minutes. Change lighting settings, DMX addresses and control modes on the fly for precision lighting control not previously possible on time-short productions.

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Ultra-reliable connectivity with instant response

No interruptions and no fixture drop-offs. Move around large sets freely knowing you’re always connected to your lighting and in control. Built-in dynamic RF transmission automatically avoids network interference and creates a signal level you can depend on with no latency. For total wireless control, run the Apollo bridge and lighting directly from batteries and control everything - with instant response - from your phone or tablet.

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Control your creative vision via app or console

Artistic control of lighting comes naturally with the Apollo Control app. Simple enough to pick up and start painting with light immediately, and advanced enough to create multiple, complex lighting setups, the Apollo Control app is the fastest wireless system to realize your creative vision. For console users Apollo Bridge acts as a multi-language protocol router, enabling wired and wireless DMX control of every fixture.

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Universal compatibility, infinite scalability

Apollo operates any fixture with a DMX input. Run just one system and centralize control of your lighting, with no compromise on which lights you choose to use. Compatible with DMX, sACN, Art-Net, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Apollo Bridge can receive and translate a range of wired and wireless protocols ensuring seamless communication whatever your equipment. Integrate any DMX fixture into even the most data-heavy productions. Add multiple Apollo bridges to provide control to as many lights and universes as you need perfect for even the largest productions.

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Networked control for remote installs

Connect Apollo Bridge over IP to a console or control software anywhere in the world. With in-built WAN port, Apollo enables simple customisation of all network configurations through a secure web client. Remotely operate any lighting setup from any location, to maintain creative control with total flexibility.

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Coleman McClung Studio Operations Manager

“It has completely changed the way we market our facility and the way crews use our stage. I can’t imagine going back to the old way and wasting so much time and effort on a single lighting setup.”

AMP Studios Dallas
Jeremy Graham Gaffer

“From my simplest set-ups to advanced networking, the Apollo Bridge has been consistently easy to understand and deploy. And, like any good tool, its consistency has been rock-solid. It is, quite simply, a forward-looking and powerful tool, appropriate for any skill level..”

IATSE Local 728
Daniel Choy Boyar Lighting Console Operator

“I discovered that Apollo Bridge is not just a Lumenradio transmitter, it’s a new feature-rich class of CRMX base stations with the latest Lumenradio TimoTwo chip, unique new abilities like dual-band enterprise-class WiFi, DMX out, advanced network management, USB expandability, and a WAN port.”

IATSE Local 52
Alex Manning Creative Director & Head of Video Production

“Using the Apollo with an iPad, we could control the Gemini’s wirelessly and make any changes we needed – instantly. A thousand times easier than running DMX cables, and the app is so intuitive.”

Elements Studio

Watch Tim from Litepanels show you how to setup your Apollo Bridge and lights, diagnose and fix common issues, and talk you through advanced setup and customization of your Apollo Bridge network.

Apollo Tim Tut link.jpg

When Jersey Jack Pinball needed a launch video for their latest pinball machine, a Guns N’ Roses themed rock extravaganza under glass, they called on the experts. Entertainment and amusement industry commercial video specialists, Elements Studio.

Director Alex Manning, DP Tripp Green and Gaffer Joe Tese set out to create a visually stunning rock concert with a twist – a pinball twist!

Alex Manning - Elements Studio.jpg

Apollo Bridge


  • Reliable, responsive long-range wireless with dual band Wi-Fi.
  • Compatible with any DMX Lighting device or controller.
  • Industry leading wireless DMX technology.
  • Translates between multiple lighting communication protocols.
  • Able to convert sACN and Art-Net to DMX 512.
  • Multiple connector ports for wired DMX distribution.
  • Easily configure network settings from a mobile device.
  • Add multiple Apollo Bridges to expand your lighting network.
  • ¼ 20” thread for easy rigging / mounting.
  • USB-C power connector for simple battery attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Any light or dimmer pack that has a DMX512 input and/or Lumenradio CRMX receiver can be connected to and controlled though the Apollo bridge.


Lights can be connected one of two ways, hardwired with a 5-pin XLR cable or connected wirelessly by linking the Apollo Bridge to a LumenRadio CRMX receiver that is either inserted to the light’s 5-pin DMX512 input, or in some cases, built into the light itself. The Litepanels Gemini and Astra require a Litepanels CRMX dongle or Module (sold separately), or a third party CRMX receiver to be able connect wirelessly


The Apollo Bridge transmits its own Local Area Network (LAN) stream using the sACN protocol. Like with any other wireless router, you can connect your control device by joining the ‘Apollo Bridge’ wireless network as you would with your home or office internet network. You can also connect a laptop, console or other network device via the LAN ethernet port.


A singe Apollo Bridge can stream DMX commands wirelessly and/or hardwired to one universe (512 channels) of DMX 512. The number of lights will vary based on the number of control channels in each light’s chosen control profile or personality. For example, The Astra requires 2 DMX channels so one Apollo can control up 256 Astras at a time. The Gemini in the 8-bit RGBW personality profile requires 8 DMX channels, so up to 64 could be controlled at one time. You can add one additional universe of DMX512 output for every additional Apollo Bridge you connect to your lighting network. This can be done wirelessly or by using the LAN ethernet ports.


Yes. Any control software or console that is streaming the sACN DMX protocol can send commands through the Apollo Bridge either wirelessly or via the LAN ethernet port. Most common industry consoles and software such as Blackout, Luminair, ETC, GrandMA and Chamsys all work with the Apollo Bridge as long as they are set to stream sACN. Single DMX512 universe slider boards can also send commands by connecting them through the Apollo Bridge’s 5-pin XLR I/O port.


This feature is not yet implement, but a VPN based Wide Area Network workflow will be coming with a firmware update in 2021. This will allow users to control lights from across the globe by connecting their Apollo Bridge devices to the internet.


Yes. The Apollo Bridge uses unique frequency hopping algorithms to cut through radio interface specifically found on film and video productions for the most reliably wireless network on the market.


Ensure there is a clear and direct LINE OF SIGHT between the Apollo Bridge and connected wireless devices. Arrange external antennas from connected devices on the same plane. Separate the Apollo from radio device antennas of other networks as much as possible. Avoid scenarios where glass, metal caging, liquid or large groups of people are in between connected wireless devices. Also, in your control device’s network settings turn auto join off for any other commonly used area Wi-Fi networks, turn cellular data off if using an iOS device and make sure control device is within range of Apollo Bridge.


Yes. The Lighticians Apollo Control App has DMX personality profiles for all the major cine LED lighting brands. There are also generic profiles for basic mixed CCT & RGB personalities as well as for single channel dimmers. You can make custom profiles for specific lights that may not be in the library and share them with your colleagues!


Since mobile devices and laptops are aren’t inherently compatible with the universal DMX512 protocol, an sACN to DMX512 bridge is required to convert the sACN stream coming from the Lighticians Apollo Control App to the DMX512 protocol that most professional lights are able to receive. This is essential to making a control system that is universally compatible. An Apollo Bridge or other sACN to DMX512 bridge is required to connect the Lighticians Apollo control to any lighting fixture.


Not at this time. The Lighticians Apollo Control app is currently only available for iOS devices, but we plan on supporting Android sometime in the future.


Not Yet. But keep an eye out for a major software update that will include all of these exciting new features!

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