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Online group buy secures 136 Litepanels Gemini 2X1 Soft panels

RED camera users have purchased136 Gemini 2×1 soft panels, along with countless Gemini accessories, through a coordinated group buy with the online community

Gemini 2X1 demonstrating deep red
Red is also one of the 16 million colors that Gemini can produce.

Travis Wears, a director of photography based in Kansas City, Missourihad the daunting task of managing the group buya process that began when he received an introduction to Gemini in the Litepanels booth at the 2018 NAB Show. From there, Wears worked around the clock with members to answer any questions about the product, pricing, and other factorsEstablished in 2016, comprises RED camera users based primarily in the U.S.

Litepanels worked with Wears to put together a tiered, discounted pricing plan that was based on the quantity of Geminis purchased. This ensured that members could purchase Gemini at an unbeatable price, along with Gemini-specific accessories such as the Snapbag SoftboxSnapgrid, honeycomb gridsBluetooth dongles, and more.

I knew the Gemini would be a big hit with the other members of the REDUSER group. It’s a great product with powerful capabilities you usually don’t see in a 2×1 soft light.
– Travis Wears

“I knew the Gemini would be a big hit with the other members of the REDUSER group. It’s a great product with powerful capabilities you usually don’t see in a 2×1 soft light, and it’s still relatively new to the market,” said Wears. “When you’re using a piece of equipment every day, it’s the little things that make it easier to pull one light out to use over another. I take at least one Gemini on every shoot with me, and I don’t hesitate to use it with any camera system in my arsenal.”

This impressive sale came together through a trifecta of elements,” said Tony Cacciarelli, director of OEM business development, Vitec Production Solutions. “First was Travis’ tireless effort in spreading the word about Gemini, and then Vitec Production Solutions and Adorama were able to put together some attractive discount pricing for members. Finally, Adorama’s outstanding work on the fulfillment side closed the loop, getting Gemini into the hands of end users. It has been our pleasure to offer Gemini to so many members, and we now have a blueprint for executing similar offers in the future.”

The versatile Gemini 2×1 combines daylight, tungsten, and red-green-blue LEDs to deliver highly flexible and precise color adjustment. The soft panel produces flicker-free, full-spectrum white light for any frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity, and it features an extensive choice of control options designed to suit any professional lighting application.

Gemini is an incredibly ergonomic, lightweight, and well-built panel. Two key advantages are the outstanding quality of light on any skin tone and the ability to dial in colors, along with the light’s built-in power supply and simple, easy-to-navigate menus,” Wears added.

I haven’t heard a single complaint about the Gemini or any regrets from anyone in the group who purchased one. In fact, I’ve had a few members tell me they wished they had purchased more of them!
– Travis Wears

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