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Henrik Weber is an intuitive, creative and highly competent videographer who has filmed in a multitude of challenging locations around the globe. Weber has worked across a variety of genres, either as part of a team in studio productions and multi-camera events, or operating as a one-man band to light, direct and record interviews. One of Weber’s specialisms is as a lighting cameraman, he is the Worldwide Video footage provider to many of the leading stock footage websites, and takes a great interest in using the most advanced, high performing lighting equipment.

On a number of recent overseas projects, Weber used a LitepanelsASTRA 1×1 Bi-Color fixture to light a series of interviews and to support his ENG work.

Weber said: “I was commissioned by CBN news to do some filming during the European elections, shooting some generic ENG shots and a range of one to one interviews. For ENG work, the fixture is particularly convenient because of the low power consumption and the option of a battery adaptor.

Also, I had to travel light, so my kit had to be both flexible and easy to transport. I was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight the ASTRA is, it performed exceptionally well and was portable enough be carried around on each trip.”

Weber filmed using a Sony PMW-EX1 and found that one of the greatest advantages of the ASTRA was the unmatched level of lighting control.

Weber explained: “The biggest benefit was the ability to be able to adjust the colour balance. There are many LED lights on the market where the only option is to switch them on and hope that the colour is right. I used the ASTRA when I was shooting a promotional testimonial for a corporate client, it involved filming at a local café and I wasn’t able to turn off the background light. I had to match the LED lighting to the surrounding light that was on the set and with the Litepanels’ fixture I could easily dial up the correct colour temperature to match it.”

The ASTRA combines Litepanels‘ hallmark LED technology in a sophisticated, slimline housing that provides pure, luminous, soft, directional output. The ASTRA shares many of the technical innovations designed by Litepanels including being completely heat-free, so the fixture can be placed comfortably close to talent and creates an unmatched soft, wraparound light.

Weber said: “Another recent project involved filming in a very confined space, with combustible material hanging down from the ceiling. It was important to light the interviewee and it would have been impossible to do a traditional fixture due to the heat they emit. As the Litepanels’ fixtures are all cool running I was still able to safely light the interview without causing a fire hazard.”

Weber has a busy shooting schedule ahead of him during the forthcoming months, the performance and quality of the ASTRA has convinced him to use it wherever he can in the future, regardless of the location, available space or set up.