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Litepanels is proud to sponsor HD Video Pro’sProduction Takes” column, where HD Video Pro invites its readers to share the odd, quirky, and funny things that happen to them on set. Each issue, a reader submission is selected for publication in “Production Takes.” In addition to seeing their name and story in print, they also receive a Litepanels Croma on-camera fixture.

Production lighting professional Leon Benzakein’s column, “Laying Down The Hammer,” was selected for HD Video Pro’s May issue. In his story, Benzakein details the time he was setting up a camera at a sporting event in South Africa when an athlete practicing the hammer throw let the hammer fly directly towards him. The hammer slammed squarely into Benzakein’s lower back, rendering him momentarily unconscious. Miraculously, all ended well and in good humor.

Benzakein has worked in lighting for the majority of his career and has been consistently impressed with LED technology. “Strangely enough, the ideal projects are the ones that need the least equipment,” says Benzakein, who generally works as a crew of one setting up lighting for camera shoots. “Litepanels fixtures, being so versatile, allow me to use the 1×1 to light the background or the subject. You don’t have to worry about heat, and you can even put it on the carpet.”

He plans to use the Croma he received in conjunction with his Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. “You have this amazing camera that fits in the pocket without the lens. You have this light that is small and versatile. You can only imagine what it can do for documentary work. Everything is getting smaller, and that’s where the Croma really fits in.”