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Green Screen Revolution

Geminis and Apollo drive green screen work at AMP Studios.


Live Fast - Film Slow

Every Gemini mode is flicker free mode.


The anatomy of a heist

Joe Ransom & Rammy Anwar take us scene-by-scene through their heist mini-movie.

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Concert lighting with a twist

Gemini and Apollo Bridge deliver a perfect performance.

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Pitch Perfect

Lightweight, compact and flexible lighting to shoot sports clothing commercials.

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Bringing a fresh palate to fine dining filming

High-end commercials shot in a cinematic style.

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Stop the scroll

Endless creativity with the Gemini 1x1 Soft.

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The perfect light for any scene

Retro 8 Films get creative with the new Gemini 1x1 Soft.


Lighting the way for independent content creators

Chrilleks was a natural fit for Litepanels’ all-new Gemini 1x1 Soft LED Panel.

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